Eagle MM8100A

Digital Mammography

With unique lifting column structure, the height of the system can be lowered to the half height of an adult and can be fit into a mobile health check up car. The compact design brings you ultimate convenience for installation.

Erogomic Design
Exceptional Care

Smart Soft Compression System

The Smart Compression System offers automatic compression pressure adjustment. Compression pressure is adjusted according to the breast and mammary gland density, ensuring optimal image quality and patient comfort.

Quick Release Technology

The compression plate is automatically released as soon as the exposure is completed , minimizing the discomfort during examination.

Smart One Key Operation

One key positioning: one key to realize multifunction movementOne key exposure: optimize workflow to increase efficiency for better carecareOne key on and off: brand new technology of power distribution enables the system’s power on and off with one key.One press on and off: the new power distribution technique enables turning system on and off with one press.One key recovery: With just one key, the system can be recovered to a preset function. The system allows more intact user management and ensures data security.

High resolution imaging width minimal dose

Excellent Image Chain

The large coverage 24 x 30 cm flat panel fulfils various radiography needs.A-Si/Csl flat panel detector features lower dosage and ultimate stability.Incorporated with imported molybdenum alloy target, the system is suitable for examination of fatty, general and dense breasts.

Smart AEC Exposure Control System

The smart AEC exposure control system can automatically generate exposure parameters within 5ms according to breast thickness, compression force and tissue density, thus optimizing the image quality and dose rate.

Science and Technology

Dedicated for Mammo: Self-developed Innovative Workstation

The software is specially designed for Mammo. Free lifetime software updates ensure your device to be never out of date.Preset user interface enable multi-users’ quick operation and post-processing of images, user-defined inquiries, and access to different editing modes.Intuitive UI caters for doctor’s operating habits.The system can seamlessly connect with international standard DICOM protocol interface and support interconnectivity with RIS, PACS and HIS data.

Patented Variable-frequency Vibration Grid Technology

Subject to layers of breast examination, the system can automatically adjust the vibration frequency of grid, thus leading to lower dose exposure and higher image quality.

Clinical Images