Eagle DR6600

Floor-mounted Digital X-Ray System




Automatic Tube-Detector Tracing System

Synchronizing movement between the X-ray tube and the flat panel detector significantly reduce the positioning time.

Manual/Auto Control System

With one click, Tube Stand will move to preset position automatically, while manual position is also be supported.

360° Rotation

Tube stand supports ±180° rotation, which fulfills the needs for patients on  wheelchair, stretcher bed and side-lying positions, thus avoiding the risk of secondary injuries caused by moving patients.

Science and Technology

Large size

17×17”Extra-large-sized movable panel fulfills the needs for imaging examination of patient on examination bed or in bucky stand.

High quality image chain

Embedded with powerful software and high quality image chain, the system can provide higher quality and clearer image with lower dose of exposure.

Touchscreen Interaction System

Real time display of system operation movementSupport patient information selection and exposure parameter adjustmentError message display3D Guidance to positioning for higher efficiency

Clinical Images

C-spine LAT

Chest PA

L-Spine PA/LAT

Knee Joint PA/LAT

Ankle Joint AP

Pelvis PA