Eagle US6

Color Doppler Ultrasound System

Eagle US6 is designed to offer high fidelity transmission and receive acoustic signals that can lead to premium image quality. It adopts sophisticated image processing chips and hardware as well as independently developed post-processing algorithms.  Intelligent measurement software with comprehensive functions are used to greatly enhance examination efficiency and quality. 
The system can be comprehensively applied to satisfy whole-body examination requirements including cardiac, gynecological, superficial, blood vessel and abdomen scanning.

Science and Technology

Exceptional Imaging Technology

· Real-time spectrum automatic envelope measurement,Automatic Doppler angle correction· Automatic Doppler angle correction· Accurate blood flow recognition optimization technology· Intelligent clipboard· Flexible measurement value display· Elastic imaging· Raw data processing                        

Comprehensive Clinical Applications


Four Chambers of the heart


Fetus 4D Color Ultrasound


Carotid Spectrum


Carotid Artery


Cardiac Four-chamber Blood Flow


Cerebral Artery