TCL Healthcare Equipment to Bring Breast Imaging Innovation to Asia Through Joint Venture with QT Ultrasound

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TCL Healthcare Equipment to Bring Breast Imaging Innovation to Asia

Through Joint Venture with QT Ultrasound

Common mission of safe, advanced, affordable medical imaging brings together international leaders


Shanghai – September 10, 2020 –TCL Healthcare Equipment will bring a radiation- and compression-free 3D breast imaging technology to China and other Asian markets, through a partnership with QT Ultrasound®, a US-based developer of the QTscan®.


TCL Healthcare Equipment and QT Ultrasound focused on China for international expansion because China is the second largest medical device market in the world, following the United States. The market will continue to grow because the Chinese government is focused on improving healthcare access and outcomes by embracing technological innovation.  The QTscan is particularly advantageous for Asian women because of its ability to accurately image dense breasts; an estimated 70% of Asian women have dense breasts, for which mammography has proven to be less sensitive in identifying masses. Both companies believe China is a country where the QTscan can have a very positive impact on women’s healthcare.


“QT Ultrasound is excited to partner with TCL Healthcare to bring our safe, innovative breast imaging technology to China. This team has the knowledge, experience, and relationships to take the QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner from approval through commercialization. We could not have found better partners,” says QT Ultrasound’s CEO and Founder, Dr. John Klock.


Mr. George Chan, Chairman of TCL Healthcare understands that for health care to help save more lives, it needs to be affordable, which became the company’s mission   Mr. Chan says, “The QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner is exactly the right technology at the right time and will further our goal of screening for common cancers, especially screening for women – quickly, safely, and affordably.”


TCL Healthcare Equipment and QT Ultrasound share ambitious goals for providing women across Asia access to the QTscan. They expect to quickly commercialize the QTscan in China’s healthcare institutions and become a leader in the rapidly growing, breast imaging arena.


About TCL Healthcare Equipment

TCL Healthcare Equipment is an innovative supplier of medical imaging diagnostics and radiation oncology devices. With the vision of providing affordable healthcare to everyone, TCL Healthcare devotes itself to research and development, manufacturing and sales, aiming to provide comprehensive medical imaging and radiation therapy solutions.


About QT Ultrasound

QT Ultrasound® is a privately held company engaged in the research, development, and commercialization of an innovative automated imaging system producing high-resolution transmission ultrasound images. The company has received FDA 510(K)clearance for its QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded over $15 million in funding to QT Ultrasound research. The company’s clinical trials have been conducted at prestigious institutions in the US and Europe.

The QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner is indicated for use as an ultrasonic imaging system to provide reflection-mode and transmission-mode images of a patient’s breast.

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